A multi core vision processor that supports 3D Imaging
(3D Depth) with Computer Vision (CV) and Deep Learning processing. Improved depth quality (to 1/16 sub pixel resolution), SLAM accelerator, market leading Computer Vision engine and Deep Learning (CNN) processor.

Reference Designs


Designed to fit into Virtual Reality Head Mounted Displays (VR HMDs), Smart Glasses, Drones and Robots, the Veronica is a complete reference design that hosts Inuitive’s NU4000. The Veronica is designed to provide shorter time to production.

Reference Designs For Mobile

M3. 2sp

M3.2SP is an extra-compact sized reference design hosting Inuitive’s 3D Imaging and Vision processor. M3.2SP addresses key functionalities required from smartphones and AR glasses, and provides Inuitive’s best of breed combination of 3D Imaging with vision technologies

World Facing Twiggy

Optimized for Google ARcore,
Google Tango and the requirements of the
smartphone environment, Twiggy is a small
footprint reference design module that
provides vision processing capabilities
with high quality (HD)