Discover Your Growth Opportunities: Partner With Us

As a leader in the development of multi core signal processors and reference design modules,
Inuitive recognizes that the majority of its customers are looking for an all-in-one solution
that will address current market demands. Our exclusive on-chip technology partnered with your offering
could deliver groundbreaking, viable solutions to companies in the range of fields and industries we service.

We are looking to partner with organizations in the following areas:


Simultaneous Localization and Mapping solutions are a fundamental building block in VR and AR markets. Reach out to us if you specialize in SLAM technology with products or solutions  that can be applied to our chip.


For us to offer complete off-the-shelf reference design modules, ODMs are required, and we are interested in hearing from companies carrying a proven track record of success in the electrical, mechanical and optical modules fields.

Tracking /Gesture

Our customers often require technology that can support gesture recognition or finger tracking as part of a complete solution. Companies with proven solutions that can be applied to our reference design modules are welcome to be in touch.


the need to track the user’s gaze vector is growing to be significant, especially in immersive use cases such as gaming and media consumption. We seek partners with a proven track record of success with solutions that can be applied to our reference design modules.

For more details regarding partner opportunities, please contact us at: